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These times are not easy for anyone. Unfortunately, also for us. Running a sanctuary with all the lovely creatures can get a bit messy and difficult but particularly now, we need more help as ever. Please consider supporting… Read More

El Cielo de Mallorca Farm

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The Goat, The Bad and The Ugly

Bambu is a wild Mallorquin goat that has been sent to El Cielo de Mallorca when he was just a few days old. He was bottlefed until he became big and strong. Check his last video in which he jumps across the cliffs on the coast of Mallorca!

Fun on the farm

Paparazzi are everywhere, ready to catch the funniest moments on the farm. In this edition we show hilarious faces, the latest fashion trends and embarrasing moments of dogs, horses, ponies, cats and goats. Get ready to laugh and save the pictures before they get taken off the Internet!