The Sheep

We are the woolen fellows of the farm – gentle, sometimes a little shy and always moving in a group. But we can get pretty loud too, bleating for food and attention. We  really get along with everybody here, we don’t argue over food and we have fun playing with the goats, altough they are not as funny as we are.

We would love to have fantasy names like the famous animals in the movies! Our favourite character is, of course, “Babe. Pig in the City”! He is so adventurous and brave, we would love to join him on his journeys.

Our favourite snacks are olive leaves. There are many trees around the farm and if we would get the chance we wouldn’t leave a single leaf on them! In our free time we enjoy taking long walks in the countryside and once a year – just in time for the summer – we love to get a haircut.

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