The Ponies

The first thing you have to know about us is that we are the real stars of the farm! But we are really modest about it because we don’t want the horses to feel bad. We are Sugarfoot (or simply Sugar), El Cielo and Mora, a group of three ponies, and we volunteered to provide for some extra entertainment.

Each one of us is really individual. Black-haired Mora and El Cielo are our couple. They play, eat and run across the fields together. Sugar is more laid back and likes to hang out with the big guys. He (with all his years and experience) takes everything with composure and patience. If you look into his face you may notice a certain resemblance to the lucky dragon Falcor from “The Neverending Story”.

The worst thing for all of us is exercise. Sugar – due to age and some health issues – is released from it nowadays. But Mora and El Cielo still have to do their workout and don’t feel too excited to get all sweaty and exhausted. The place is full of rocks, no grass to eat and the only good thing about it is that we get our feet really really clean. On the other hand, going out on the road for some exercise is the best thing in the world. We walk slowly, take some time to eat grass and at the end of the track we arrive at the glorious tree with the carob beans – our candy. Come with us and taste it!

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