The Goats

We are Bambu, Fondante and Muddy. Altough many people think we are “the crazy ones” we actually consider ourselves to be among the saner individuals on this farm. We know what we want and we go for it. We love to climb and jump up on difficult areas, and eating olive leaves is one of our weaknesses.

Muddy is the leader of the gang, he loves to play with his horns and pushes everyone around. Bambu is the most experienced climber of all and loves to go to the cliffs and film videos; his dream is to become a famous Youtuber and give other goats tutorials on how to climb. Fondante is the most zen character of the group. Actually, when nobody is around, he practices yoga and meditation.

If you want to meet us, get ready to climb, push and meditate! We are waiting for you at El Cielo.

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