The Chicken

Hey there, we are “the girls”. Always looking for something to eat and while doing so, singing our songs. We are the first ones to wake up on the farm and enjoy to get some fresh air at the start of the day. After that we lay some eggs – just not everyone at the same time, we need privacy for this because it’s an important moment.

After leaving the eggs in the house we are ready for someone to give us some food. While eating we sing lots of beautiful songs. We pretty much love everything eatable, but our favorites are cake and lettuce. Once in a while fresh grass to use as a carpet is perfect to keep the Feng Shui of our home in perfect condition.

Sometimes we get a visit from a neighboring black chicken. It brings the latest news of the neighborhood and we gossip about the cute roosters from across the street.

Come visit us, we’re waiting for you to join our choir!

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