The Cats

Charismatic loners and wild hunters – we’re talking about the cats. Some of us love to hang out in our room, a space especially prepared for us with lots of things to play with and climb on. Others prefer to be outside all day. As we mentioned, we are loners and love our own territories. Here you get to meet some of the long-time residents as seen in the pictures below.

Silver-haired Storm and Zoey love to hang out with the horses and challenge their nine lives by rolling on the ground in front of the huge hooves. Black Pepe is the highbrow of the group. He looks at everything with nonchalance and a half closed eye – but he is taking note of everything. Everyone believes he is a detective trying to solve mysteries, but in fact he is the editor in chief  of “The Daily Farm”.

Braveheart with white, brown and black fur is the biggest cat in Spain and there is a rumour (initiated by Pepe) that he was part of the Royal Family but has been sent into exile after eating all the food in the castle. Zoe and Zora love two things the most: sleep all day and hunt all night.

There are many more stories to tell about us, especially since the number of paws has multiplied – we are now a happy family of 27!  Soon you will have the chance to visit us at the Purrfect Day Cat Café which will reopen soon – follow us on Instagram for updates!

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