The Horses

The stars of the farm – that’s what people say about us. But really – we are just two more in a group of great animals. Our names are Roseton (Ros for friends) and Mirador, or “Baby” as everyone calls him. We are peaceful guys who like to hang out, eat some grass, have a mud bath after the rain and every now and then compete in a race across the pasture.

We are really good friends and we don’t like to be apart because we complement each other and share all of our adventures. Ros is a seriuos guy leading us both and Baby is all the time trying to play with something and having lots of fun.

We have another integrant in our group who is not a horse, except she doesn’t seem to know. Her name is Onida and she is a pony. Because we love her we don’t say anything. Plus: We like the company of a lady!

We invite you all to come and join us on the fields, run with us, eat some apples and carrots or treat your skin with a mud bath!

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