About us

We are El Cielo de Mallorca – a registered non-for-profit animal sanctuary located near Algaida. We have all kinds of animals and we provide them with an environment that allows them to live freely and be treated with respect. From the horses to the chickens, each animal is a very important part of our family. We welcome volunteers from all over the world to help take care of them and maintain the farm to meet all it’s cohabiters’ needs.

Our volunteers are dedicated and motivated individuals wishing to learn more about communication and get involved in related areas during their stay. Our goal is to create a place where one can connect to and build strong bonds with people, animals, improving the mutual understanding between creatures and living in peace and helping with our non GMO garden projects.  

We invite you all to get to know the members of our family through this website and to share a space of respect, peace and understanding.

Donations are much needed to help us through these difficult times and we can offer a tax deductible receipt upon request.  Wire details:

El Cielo de Mallorca

Caixa Bank, Santa Ponsa, Mallorca Spain

ES 63 2100 3793 6422 0011 2074


Or donate via this PayPal link: 



Thank you!



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